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Crochet Vintage Christmas Lights Garland

I love Christmas- I always have. It was, and still is, my favorite holiday.

When I was a kid it was for the obvious reasons- PRESENTS. But as an adult, the meaning has changed. Since moving to San Francisco nearly 10 years ago it has been the one holiday I've always made it home for. It lives so deeply in my heart because that's when and where my family is.

Christmas means tradition. It's watching my nieces open gifts on Christmas morning, it's knowing that I don't need to buy a new toothbrush because my mom has put one in all of our stockings. It's my Dad's deep voice singing along to the hymns in church. It's Meme's chicken and dumplings and Auntie's Christmas morning mimosas. It's watching A Christmas Story on repeat all day and at least one person saying "Oh I haven't seen this before..." in a deeply sarcastic tone. It's bingo with my mom's side of the family.

Santa Pup is coming to town!

The truth is, I'm not sure what this Christmas will look like this year. Even if my quarantine/testing/sanitation plans pan out and I can travel home safely, we're still going to have to rework some of those traditions in a safe way.

Does that mean I'm giving up the Christmas spirit?

Not on your grinchy heart.

I'm leaning into Christmas year to suck out all the very joy that I can. Starting with decorating my apartment.

We live in a one bedroom apartment, which means our space to decorate is limited. And our space to store said decorations the other 11 months of the year is limited. Because of that, I usually focus on decorating our windows.

Of course, because our apartment is "vintage", it's electrical layout is ... questionable. So trying to hang real Christmas lights is an added adventure. Which led me to the question, why not crochet them? I love the vintage light shape, but this seems way safe than putting vintage wiring up against our curtains.

For this I used entirely scrap worsted weight acrylic yarn. It worked up really quickly too, each bulb only taking about 5 minutes once I'd gotten the pattern down right. (There are a couple of testers that look suspiciously like chili peppers...)

While I used worsted weight, I'm sure this would look adorable in thread crochet or so amazingly hygge in bulky yarn. (If you do so, please tag me on my Facebook or Instagram.)

No matter what or how you celebrate this year, I hope your holiday season is safe and joyous!

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