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Dot's Keyhole Scarf

I absolutely love Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. I've watched the whole series at least 5 times through, as well as the movie and the spin off- although the later two, while wonderful, don't quite capture the magic of the original series. (The only thing that does that is the books.)

There's so much to love- the romantic chemistry, the witty lines, the dynamic and developed female characters! That last one may be my favorite, but this is a crochet blog so clearly I need to talk about the clothes- or in this case- the accessories.

Now, Phryne clearly as the most glamourous wardrobe and most drool worthy. I would buy out Unique Vintage's fully 1920s line if I though I could even come close to her brilliantly cool edge. But I think there's a lot to be said of Dot's understated elegance- and not just because that's a lot more realistic to what I probably would have worn in the 1920s.

In the very first episode, Dot has a scarf that I have been dreaming about since I first saw it years ago.

It was the first time I'd ever seen a keyhole scarf, and I love the design. It was simple and elegant. Plus it solved the problem of "how do I properly wear a scarf"- a problem you wouldn't think someone who has been crocheting over a decade and a half would have... but here we are.

I searched high and low for a pattern, but the closest I could find was a knit pattern. Which, is likely what the original scarf is, but, frankly, I can't do more than garter stitch so that was out.

On a recent rewatch I decided that if I couldn't find a pattern, I'd make one myself. I stood in front of our 65" TV (blame my boyfriend), and paused Dot on the scene where she enters in her scarf and got conversationally close to the TV to figure out the details. (Given our giant TV she was pretty much life size.)

I went of my favorite LYS, The Royal Bee Yarn Company, located just outside San Francisco, and found a delightful grey fingering yarn. The original scarf is a flat grey, but I like the almost tweed-like effect the variance in the hand dyed yarn creates.

The original scarf appears to have an eyelet stitch. And while I didn't replicate it exactly, I found a crochet eyelet stitch that would still give the same effect while having enough structure to give the lace a bit more warmth if needed.

I'm absolutely thrilled with the results. It's a charming, lightweight scarf that can be worn as an outer later over a jacket but is also a cute and easily wearable scarf that can be worn all day as part of an outfit.

I'm less happy with how my 20's hair and makeup turned out, which is why you're only getting the lower half of my face.

"Every lady needs a hobby." -Phryne Fisher

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