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What the Hell is a "Poupon" Anyway?

Hello, I'm here to answer the question most of you may be wondering but are too polite to ask... what the hell is a "poupon" and why did I name my entire crochet design line after them anyway?

I give a slightly more detailed explanation in my first YouTube video, but in short, a poupon is a regionally specific term for those of French Canadian descent living in Eastern Connecticut for slippers.

I did warn you it was specific.

I haven't worn a pair of poupons in years, but the feeling still gives me this nice warm feeling of comfort and home. Despite not having a pattern or a reference pair, I wanted to make myself some poupons. And I'm pretty darn happy with the results.

Finished Size

9.5” long x 5” tall

Item has a lot of stretch and will accommodate a variety of foot sizes


2 skeins Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (Shown in Bluegrass)

9 mm crochet hook

Tapestry needle or smaller gauge hook to weave in ends

Plasti-Dip Spray

Cardboard strips cut slightly smaller than your foot size


US Terminology

Ch- Chain

SS- Slip Stitch

SC- Single Crochet

HDC- Half-Double Crochet

BLO- Back Loop Only

SC2Tog- Single crochet 2 together

CS- Crab Stitch- Single crochet from left to right (backwards)

Poupon Pattern

Make 2

Ch 18

Row 1: HDC in 3rd chain from hook, HDC across (16), Turn

Row 2: CH2 (Does not count as stitch here or throughout), HDC in BLO across, turn (16)

Row 3- 14: Repeat row 2 (16)

Turn project so that the side of the worked rows is now on top

Row 15: Ch 1, 2 SC in 1st stitch, SC in next 12 stitches, 2 SC in last stitch, turn (16)

Row 16: Ch1, SC2Tog across, turn (8)

Row 17: Ch1, SC2Tog across, turn (4)

Row 18: Ch1, SC2Tog across, turn (2)

Row 19: Ch1, SC2Tog (1)

Fold project in half and turn so the sides of the sides of the stitches just worked are on top

Row 20: Ch 1, SS the two sides together across the 5 rows just made and the next 6 stitches of the first side. Leave the rest of the row unworked (11)

Fasten off- Toe box and foot top created

Turn work so opposite side so heel side is on top with the fold in the fabric to the right.

Join with a SS

Slip stitch across (7)

Do not fasten off, turn work inside out. Work the rest of the stitches in the unworked stitches from row 20.

Row 1: Ch 1, sc in each stitch across, ss to join (20)

Row 2: Ch 1, CS across, ss to join (20)

Fasten off, weave in ends

Adding Tread

Start by cutting out two pieces of cardboard to roughly the dimensions of your foot. (I had originally cut mine to approximately the shape of my foot but found that it did not matter during the process, so a rectangle will work just fine)

Insert the cardboard into the poupons and turn upside down.

Following the instructions on the cans, spray the plasti-dip on the bottom soles of your poupons

Apply 3-4 coatings onto your poupons based on your preferences and allow to dry completely.

Ready to get cozy!

© Pretty in Poupons 2021- All Rights Reserved

Patterns may not be copied, shared, or resold.

Finished items may be sold, but please give pattern credit to Pretty in Poupons

Pattern Questions?

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